U.S. Refugee Crisis


Here in this blog, I intend to inform you about the current refugee crisis that is going on, here, in the United States. I believe that this is one issue that shouldn’t be overlooked as of late and plan to give any information I can find about the Refugee Crisis.  This issue is important to me, because I feel that everyone should be able to come into the United States, without being discriminated against because they are refugees from a country that supports terrorism and war and they are suspected of being terrorists.

I feel that everyone, no matter where they originate or what religion they practice shouldn’t be suspended from entering the United States. The content I intend to explain in by blog include, but not limited to: The Sanctuary Cities, the New Sanctuary Cities Law, Illegal Immigration in regards to President Trump’s revised travel ban, and President Trump’s travel ban and its effects on incoming refugees.

This blog, isn’t so I can push my own personal opinions on this issue, but for you to make your own opinions and decide for yourselves if this issue warrants considering.